Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Do you remember when
Dad's shoulders were the highest place on earth,
mom was your hero
and goodbye meant only until tomorrow.

Remember when
getting high meant swinging on the playground
and the only drug you ever knew was paracetamol.

Remember when
lollipops turned into cigarettes,
soda turned into vodka,
kisses turned into sex
and your close friends became strangers.

The world was simpler then
yet we couldn't just wait to grow up.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Things always seem perfect from way below,
yet amidst the clouds lies your world
scattered like a tattered cloth.

A mere canvas,
miserably hiding cuts and nightmares stitched away.

Look at the haphazard stitching.
Understand that,
as the colours and emotions of you are stitched as one,
the map of your world dances across your retina
portraying images of magic and splendour.

that silently stole the breath of a stranger
who gazed into your eyes today.