Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Things always seem perfect from way below,
yet amidst the clouds lies your world
scattered like a tattered cloth.

A mere canvas,
miserably hiding cuts and nightmares stitched away.

Look at the haphazard stitching.
Understand that,
as the colours and emotions of you are stitched as one,
the map of your world dances across your retina
portraying images of magic and splendour.

that silently stole the breath of a stranger
who gazed into your eyes today.


  1. Thanks for your comments!!

    Lovely blog :)

    I'm following postcards in the wind :)

  2. Hermoso blog, gacias por pasarteeee :) te sigo si todavia no lo hice :) besitoss

  3. Beautiful!
    Missed your writing Postman!

  4. What kept you away P.M ?

  5. Nice pictures!!! Excellent!!!

    Salut, Francesc

  6. If I could only view the world like this everyday :-)

    Wish I was that stranger gazing away ;-)

  7. I missed writing as well.
    What kept me away was my travelling for a few months. Got lost experiecing the world.

    Thank you all for your feedback.

    P.S- The magic to view your world everyday is there. we just have to believe and see it :)

  8. Quite a toss up between travelling and writing...

    Images of magic and splendor are more meaningful when shared with another.

  9. love your poetry.

    invite you to join poetry picnic week 7 tonight at 8pm,

    share random poems 1 to 3, or

    write one on theme: love and love lost.

    welcome to blogging, bless you.

  10. funny...i always used to see the top-view as the beatiful one and the ground-view as the ugly one. perhaps i will see it opposite now.

  11. Love the imagery and that this can be interpreted many different ways (hence my reading it very differently than some of your other readers). Stopped by from My Demon Spirits, and I'll be back! :)

  12. Great post, you have a wonderful way of blending images and words