Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Airport terminal on Monday,
Corner Cafe table on Tuesday,
Art Gallery on Wednesday,
Park bench on Thursday,
Dancing on Friday,
Masked ball on Saturday.

Where we picnic at the edge of the world.


  1. This looks very inviting - leading to a perfect spot for a picnic; hope you enjoy, or will enjoy. again !

  2. A week I'd like to live always!

  3. Ok. I can see, that your days are full packed.
    But when you are going to drop the post, e?

  4. A week that is surreal and encapsulates the epitome of life no doubt :) errands will be done, necessities to live will be fulfilled, but Bitch who says you can't make the time to have fun around the passion of life that urges you on?

  5. In this picture there is a beautiful green path that reminds me of an old Spanish song which says:

    In the green road
    Green Road
    which gives the chapel
    since you left
    cry of pain
    The source has dried
    wilted lilies
    in Green Road,
    Green Road
    overlooking the chapel.
    Today I returned to spend
    green that way
    and the memory is lost
    all my happiness.

  6. I like the green path as it seems like a journey.

  7. "Edege of the world" as we all know does not exist. Merely metaphorical in the sense, that the journey we are travelling in life must go on... but yet we can stop and appreciate the splendour for a litte while before we continue.

  8. thank for your visit on my blog, I discover your wonderful pictures !
    I like the atmosphere of your page, beautiful images captured with simplicity and originality as with "the lines That define us" (perfect) I can only encourage you and congratulate you for your good work, I'll will also you follow with pleasure ! :)

    Bye, Mahon**

  9. Postman, you have described a week in Paris!
    A life I live in my dreams that keep me sane in this unforgiving world.

  10. Great photo choice Postman!

  11. Thank-you all for the wonderful feedback.

  12. must be good for the picnic and photography.