Thursday, November 4, 2010

The lyrics of friendship

A road trip to destinations unknown,
wrapped with giggles and banter along a twisted road.

how the years have flown by my dear friend,
with memories dragged through bitter, sour and sweet.

And even though you're right here babbling away,
I smile magically as a song on the radio starts to play.

Our musical bond will always speak,
a secret language to our souls.


  1. If you remember the song in my heart & sing it to me, you will forever remain dear to me.

  2. I love the way this picture and these words go together - it really does inspire hope for the future of friendships and adventures.


  3. Hello Dreamer

    I'd like to give you my new url, am no longer using sketching.. is there anyway I could message you privately?

    Postman, apologies for using your space as a message board.. enjoying your words, keep them coming please :)

  4. So perfect. The words and the image match perfectly.

  5. Beautifully captured!

  6. Hola! nice picture, I like it because i don`t know what is behind the curve. I like that you like my photos:).. you have nice pictures here.. and i like what you write.. I will continue passing through here to see this wonderful place..

  7. a very good post !
    I liked the simplicity of this article and the beautiful text !
    a good photo, which makes you want to travel !

    Bye :))

  8. "A road trip to destinations unknown,
    wrapped with giggles and banter along a twisted road."

    One of my dreams, I would lose that way for several weeks. How nice. Greetings.

  9. you have an amazing blog my friend!
    I'll be back:)

  10. I enjoy your thoughts. It resonates close to mine too.


  11. It is the unspoken that one person takes liberty to mouth, that aids in us to realise the common traits we all share. Although we all come from different walks of life and don’t know each other, this caption and written piece separately or combined has been experienced by one or the other. Whether it may be fun road trips with good company, holidays, a soul mate relationship or even everlasting friendship etc… music at some point is always a part of this. The way music speaks to us about what we have experienced is surreal and a unique language understood by each of us to the extent of shared capacity with others at that point in time.

    Thank you for the kind words, encouragement and critique.

    It is people like you that make our world beautiful. :)

    The PostMan

  12. This blog is special!!I like it alot))

    Kisses and good weekend:))

  13. Me alegro mucho de tu visita y comentario. De este modo yo tambien he podido conocer tu trabajo fotografico que es muy bonito.

    Las foto que te gusta en nuestro blog es de la ciudad de Peñiscola (Castellón-España)y fue realizada hace justo 15 dias.


  14. sure paint your words beautiful!!

    You made me very happy coming to my blog!!

    Kisses sweet and warm hugs from norway!!

  15. I like your blog very much, and looking forward to see and read more from you:)
    Wishing you a nice evening.
    Greetings from Berit.

  16. Thanks for visiting, and kind words at my blog - I appreciate it very much.
    You have a nice blog yourself, with great words following your pictures. My compliments! :)