Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The River

As rapids swirl and twist in the journey you take,
amongst designer love and empty things,
the light that guides you
is swallowed by the sun.

It is only at this point you realise,
that you are not a one in a million kind of person.

You will always be
a once in a life time kind of individual.


  1. When I realize that I'm a once in a lifetime kind of individual, I would've found my purpose in life.
    When he realizes that I'm a once in a lifetime kind of individual, I would've found true lasting love.

  2. Very aptly said, Dreamer.
    Never Give up. :)

    P.S. You intrigue me :)

  3. Interesting post...

    A phrase comes to mind that is used most often when reminiscing about what has been, knowing only too well that such experiences shall not recur... And that phrase is said dreamily with such contentment:
    "It was a once in a lifetime encounter..."

  4. beautiful.

  5. nice...once in a lifetime is a great thing to be...really cool poem...glad you popped in today...

  6. I love the final two lines of your poem. Very cool. I'm glad you stopped by my page because it prompted me to visit yours. Thanks!

  7. I like that...I like to think I am too ~

  8. Thanks for visiting! and I like you poem-
    we may only be a flicker different from someone else. That may occur a second earlier in a situation and allow us to reach out and help someone before they fall!

  9. "designer love and empty things"

    Postman, I recognise this line as repetition from a post before...
    Sounds like you may have all materialistic things yet have nothing at all...

  10. This makes me feel better about myself. Once in a lifetime...I like that :)