Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Art & Science of War

Amidst staggering skyscrapers,
nestled between flowers and trees
lies our realm of reality.

For in our complicated world
behind the hero in you,
simmers a story
waiting to break free.

A realm of reality
where facts will harshly resound in black and white,
even though the story of you
is depicted in soft shades of grey.


  1. In the shades of grey is uncertainty of my life,
    Black & Whites may be harsh,
    But I'd appreciate more a cold truth than a beautiful lie,
    Such is the Art & Science of Life...

  2. In a complicated world, life is still simple.
    Wonder if I am still as definite as Black & White, or transformed into the warped areas of many greys...

  3. War between who I should be and who I am :(